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Strategic Travel Partner

Premier Complete Concierge® accredited travel professionals are strategic travel partners assisting clients through all facets of travel. Leave home or the office with the confidence a travel professional is in your corner and available 24-7.
If you are a DYI traveler we will do the booking for you to optimize your itinerary at no cost to you. Just call or text.

Professional Booking

RJ Travel Advisors™ has over 30 years experience with global credentials. Our team provides the critical data necessary to provide the metrics for professional bookings. The end result are managed travel Itineraries that can be amended on the fly real-time as needed.

All-Inclusive Itineraries

Our dedicated all-inclusive booking metrics address every transition while away from the office or home. Every detail is mapped as not to allow for drastic changes in the case of incidental changes. Never be at the mercy of an international booking desk again.

Our Story

Our Story

Premier Complete Concierge™ is a no cost, dedicated booking solution developed by RJ Travel Advisors™ staff of travel professionals. All travel categories can now enjoy the high quality advantage of travel professionals planning all facets of travel itineraries. Clients are paired with a travel professional at which time travel plans are mapped in detail, strategically compiled, and professionally booked. As with any bookings through RJ Travel Advisors prices are negotiated for the best possible price and monitored for price changes to the client’s advantage. Clients enjoy proficiency along with prioritizing budgetary objectives through the Premier Complete Concierge™ itinerary formulated process.
With Premier Complete Concierge™ is there are no charges to the traveler no matter the number of travelers. Individuals, families, organizations, governments, and business receive the same top level service with Premier Complete Concierge™ professional travel services. On the fly adjustments is another inherit feature of the Premier Complete Concierge™ all-inclusive itinerary. With our travel professionals as a strategic travel partner plan changes are amended and seamlessly integrated as to not interrupt the ambiance or transit flow.Get the Premier Complete Concierge™ Advantage and book today!Get the Premier Complete Concierge™ Advantage and book today!

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